Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Artfest 2008

Artfest 2008
We're back and had a great time!

Out of the 3 workshops I took, somehow I wound up with 2 that were more art than craft. It seemed to take away from the whole Artfest vibe. So many amazing techniques are being shared by innovators in their field- it was a shame not to tap that resource a little more. You get 3 choices for 3 days worth of workshops and either get your 1st, 2nd, or 3rd pick. Basically, you choose 9 classes and wind up with 3.

'Waxy Layers' with Judy Wise was one of the classes I chose and didn't get.

I want to share with you the PMC Bird Pendant workshop I took with Catherine Witherell. It was a great class- Catherine's a lovely teacher- and I was amazed at how easy, yet complicated the whole process was. It works like clay, then you put it in the kiln and it clinks like metal. Because it is metal. The clay burns off during the firing process as it is merely an organic binder. Fascinating!


Here are some examples of Catherine's work:

Here's the pendant that I made:
(someone told me that it looks like a Pacific Northwest Thunderbird)

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