Friday, March 7, 2008

At the Quilt Show in Pomona

Yesterday we went to the Quilt Show in Pomona and it was a shopping frenzy! We got there shortly after the show opened in the morning and there was a line snaking around to outside the gate....there must have been over 200 people in front of us eager to get in. Once we got in, we saw a herd of people in front of the booths in front of us and the shopping frenzy began....

After about three hours of that and bumping and fighting through crowds of people, we headed home to the studio, inspired by all the different quilts, vendors, patterns and interesting new things/crafts the different vendors created. (Also saw an embroidery sewing machine for the first was $5,000+). New classes will definitely be coming from all the different fabrics and things we bought.... :)


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