Friday, March 21, 2008

fern animal glow in the dark

fro Ashley's blog: "

This project is a collaboration between Fern Animals and Velle Magazine. We have all been working this for months now, and I am so excited to finally be releasing it!

This exclusive glowing Fern Animal is completely hand embroidered with glow in the dark thread, and comes in a hand made glowing carrying case produced by Velle.

The animal is made from recycled linen that was pulled from the back of an Audubon print (I have a book conservation friend!) and is stuffed with 100% Natural Organic Cotton.

The carry case is hand made from natural wool felt, clear vinyl and polymer, and is also stitched with glow in the dark thread.

This is the first in a very small edition of only six glowing animals!

The auction begins tonight, March 20th at 10pm EST, and will be up for five days, ending Monday March 24th at 10 pm EST." Link.


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