Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Paper Making is so fun!

I only made one of the pieces of paper from that whole batch of paper I posted about earlier- entitled: 'Recycling paper...literally!'

I was able to tell which one was the piece that I made because if you look closely you can see a bit of text that came through and it was the word 'China'. (You can click on the single sheet, to enlarge the photo, and will be able to read it). I was hooked. That little bit of unexpectedness got me so excited to make more paper.

Here's my latest batch:


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7 Viridity said...

Hi! I live in Venice and started a janitorial service called
7 Viridity for which I need business cards. I have a bunch of ultra local material that I want to make into the cardstock. Your space sounds perfect, when will it be available?