Saturday, March 8, 2008

Story Boards

I was looking around at the myriad of blogs out there, as per usual, and came across this wonderful little Peruvian quilt here.

It reminded me of this old story board I had as a kid which depicted all of the main fairy tales compiled onto one large panel. It hung across the wall above my bed and each night my parents would tell me a different bedtime story using it as a reference. One night it would be Cinderella arriving at the ball in her pumpkin carriage, follow the same road down a bit and there would be The Three Little Pigs inside their houses of varying sturdiness. Travel further along said road and you might happen upon The Muffin Man selling his Hot Cross Buns....

Which then reminded me...

...remember the old felt boards you had as a child? They were great- and they forced you to use your imagination in a similar way...but then went even further by being interactive.


(aw, Goodnight Moon, my favorite!)

Goldilocks And The Three Bears

Show & Tell kit

Old felt board

...and who remembers Colorforms?

(I personally don't remember these, but thought them apt. Apparently, my boyfriend had the one for Happy Days....).

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