Friday, March 14, 2008

World Famous Crochet Museum

The World Famous Crochet Museum- does anybody know about this place? It's right outside of Joshua Tree, CA.

I was just in Joshua Tree on Monday, but didn't read about this place till yesterday!

This darling little desert gem was written about in the same issue of Craftzine as yesterday's blog posting.


Mark this up on your 'to do' list- after visiting the world's largest ball of yarn- and don't miss the 'poodle wing.'


Fenrisar said...

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Samantha said...

That is an amazing place. It's probably 6x6x6 and a cube of pure awesome. Seriously worth visiting--especially if you are there to see the desert wild flowers and realize that they are no more than one inch high in all areas and are severely disappoointed by the false advertizing (but i digress from my own experience)it really is such an absurd pick-me-up. The rest of the art museum/someone's-garage that it's attached to is interesting as well.

Go back and see it; it's well worth it!

Anonymous said...

It's run by Shari Elf, who moved out to the Joshua Tree (or Morongo Valley) area from Santa Monica, I think.