Friday, April 18, 2008

Embroidered porcelain?

Diem Chau is an artist who is doing some interesting things with embroidery.

How did she do it? At first I was perplexed:

The perspective was odd...
...but could possibly hold true if the artist's approach was calculated:
This one is my favorite:Then I saw this photo of a similar piece where you can see a dip in the middle:
She embroiders on a screen, pulls it tight across the tops of the porcelain dishware, and then adheres it to the rim: Phew! At one point I wondered if she were gluing down each individual thread. What a great idea!


And I threw in these carvings of hers just because they're so cool- Crayola crayons!

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EmbroideryMachinesForSale said...

That's really innovative. I would have never guessed how it's done.