Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Big News

We're moving!!! Yes, our lease is up and we're tired of the parking issues, the temperature issues and the "can't find you after driving around for an hour" issues. We think Main street is more our vibe anyway, so we hope you'll follow us to our new location in the historic Edgemar building. 2433 Main street to be exact, with a Pete's coffee, Ben and Jerry's, and Urth cafe right outside our door. And have I mentioned the abundant parking?

To celebrate the move we're throwing a free craft party! Friday, May 30th from 6 pm onwards-bring your favorite project, your favorite friends, and your favorite drinks and craft the night away with us. We'll have door prizes and felting and craft projects out on the tables-so come and help us kiss this place goodbye!


PS-visit our website and sign up for our newsletter to receive updates, special coupons and to find out when our grand reopening will be!

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