Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Urban Craft Center goes to Felt Club!

Q: Is Felt Club all about Felt?
A: No! No! It's all about crafts!

We have plans for you this Sunday afternoon! Come to Felt Club, November 16th at the Shrine Auditorium. It's one of the biggest and most exciting craft events in the country...we are one of their sponsors and we will most certainly be there with a booth and goodies to share. We can't wait to see all of our friends' crafty faces as we celebrate the love to create!

Introducing....Lil' Orange, Lil' Mushroom and Lil' Whale.
Our mini needle felted friends will be strutting down the red carpet in little kits for you to pick up and make at home. These kits are only available at our booth at Felt Club.

Have a wonderful weekend, we hope to see you soon.
Next up...our Grand Opening November 23rd :-) Exciting news to come

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soulmom said...

Thanks for the awesome Make & Take at Felt Club!
I gave the little lamb I made to my mom for babysitting the little ones that day. I blogged it and posted some photos at

I also mentioned something about reasons for obsessive needle safety. This post of a scary x-ray is not for the faint of heart;topicseen#msg3001763

I had a great time and wish i lived closer to the urban craft center. I'll have to come by next time i'm up that way!